What’s Up With Woodford?

Woodford, cream colored dog

Please remember that it is still flu season. It is of the utmost importance that we keep our facility free of dangerous germs in the community. Please remember to wash your hands frequently and properly. We ask that if you are sick please do not visit until you are no longer showing symptoms. Face masks and hand sanitizer located at the front desk and at the nurse’s stations upon request. Help us keep our residents safe and at home! The Woodford Saga continues! Our little puppy is growing up so fast. Please remember that while he is getting big, he is still just a baby and needs all the love and patience we can give him. He has big shoes to fill once he’s ready to step into his position as our facility furry friend! His training continues with our fearless leader Jill. Please feel free to stop by and give him a facility provided treat!

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