Therapy Success Story: Janice

Woodcrest Health and Rehab Resident Janice doing physical therapy

We are so excited to highlight Janice, one of our recent short-term rehabilitation graduates. At the time of her admission, physical therapy was not an option as she was too weak from her hospital stay. We were unable to perform many of the standardized tests to even begin her program. At this point, occupational therapy stepped in and deemed that she was a maximum assist for bed mobility, was totally dependent for getting out of bed, and required maximum assistance with activities of daily living.

Janice’s program at that point was made up of occupational therapy, as well as speech therapy. Day 1 was the hardest, but Janice worked each day. While physical therapy was not appropriate at the time of admission, she was able to participate after 1 month of working with the other therapy disciplines. After weeks of working with physical therapy, Janice was getting out of bed without assistance, walking more than 200 ft with a walker and happily showing staff pictures from her smart phone of the renovations her son made to accommodate her coming home.

Her progress with speech and OT paid off as well as she was able to eat more of the foods she loved, perform her self-care tasks with very little or no assistance at all, and her strength improved to 4/5 overall with improved range of motion and reduced pain. Janice’s wounds were healed, and her cognition improved throughout her stay. She was walked out of Woodcrest Nursing and Rehab truly a success!

Janice states that she cannot thank the Woodcrest staff enough. She loved the therapy staff and enjoyed using all of the equipment they had available. Janice is so grateful to be back to herself and walking again! She will miss the friends that she made and greatly looks forward to visiting. She wants to show off the additional progress she makes at home!

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