Success Story: Sherriell S.

Sherriell with staff members

“Woodcrest has helped me get stronger” When Sherriell Came to us she was unable to do many things for herself and everyday seemed like an impossible task. Even so much as standing on her own was an insurmountable challenge. But she was determined to get better. After months of working with our therapists and her own resolve, Sherriell is now not only able to stand on her own two feet but is able to walk again! Her recovery continues with our stellar clinical staff here. She had this to say about our staff: “Jackie is my favorite; she is positive and always makes time to listen to what you have to say. Tracy has answered all my questions and fix any issues I’ve run into.”

Sherriell loves to spend her time reading and enjoys checking out books from the library with the help of our staff. She also loves to sit outside and relax in the fresh air when it’s nice out. “Overall Woodcrest is clean, the staff is friendly, and they help to meet a lot of different people’s needs.”

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