Success Story: Helen T.

Helen T. was admitted to St. Elizabeth in January of 2018 for COPD exacerbation and hypoxia. This was Helen’s first encounter with being hospitalized for her COPD. Upon discharge, she admitted to our facility at Woodcrest Nursing and Rehab for pulmonary rehab, PT and OT.

Helen is 70 years old and has been married to her husband Ray, for 13 years. She has one daughter, Karen, and one step-son. In her free-time, Helen enjoys playing Pac-Man, doing puzzles and playing cards, she admits she doesn’t watch much television.

“Everyone was so nice here. I enjoyed my room with being able to look out the window and playing cards,” Helen said of her stay at Woodcrest. “I learned a lot of different exercises I can do when I get home to stay healthy. I also learned a lot about COPD and how to manage the disease.”

Helen was on 7 liters of oxygen while at the hospital and is being discharged from Woodcrest on room air, with the use of oxygen only at night. Helen learned how to manage her daily medications and was taught oxygen management with working a nebulizer to administer her breathing treatments. Helen’s husband was also educated on COPD, medications, an action plan and how to avoid exacerbations and re-hospitalizations.

We will miss Helen’s smiling face, but wish her health and happiness as she returns home.

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