Resident Highlight

This month we are excited to have Payton C. as our resident highlight! Payton was born and raised in Henderson, Kentucky with his 5 brothers and sisters. Payton eventually went on to serve in the army for 3 years where he was stationed in Alaska! After his time spent in the Army, he worked as a security guard at Fan Steel Company for 20 years. He was married in 1975 and had two children, Glenn and Tracy. One of Tracy’s favorite memories of her dad is his love for Christmas. She said, “every Christmas they would unwrap all the presents early without her mom knowing and then rewrap them before anyone found out”. Payton and his family eventually would end up back in Kentucky after he retired from his job. In Payton’s free time he loved to go fishing, play cards and go bowling. He is also a huge sports fan. His favorite teams include the Kentucky Wildcats and The Green Bay Packers. Thank you, Payton, for giving us a little glimpse into your life! We are so thankful to have you as a resident at Woodcrest!

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