Resident Highlight

Woodcrest Nursing and Rehab Resident Dorssie E sitting at a table with her nail polish

For the month of November, we are excited for you to get to know Dorssie E. Dorssie has been a resident with us for almost 2 years. Dorssie is from Latonia, KY where she raised 3 daughters; Sherry, Denise, and Charity. Dorssie did a lot of different things throughout the years that include being a beautician, a waitress, and even a travel agent. Dorssie loves people as you can tell by her past professions. Besides spending time with different people Dorssie enjoys writing poems, drawing, coloring, and listening to music (especially 60’s music).

Dorssie absolutely loves it here at Woodcrest. Her favorite part about being here is the amount of progress she has made in the time she has been here. She is way more independent than she thought she would ever be again and believes that she will be able to transfer out of here into an assisted living community and eventually maybe even on her own. Dorssie really enjoys our Activities Department and says, “they always have something fun and exciting planned for us to do each day”. Thank you for letting us get to know you a little more Dorssie.

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