New Staff Highlight

This month we are so excited to introduce one of our floor nurses, Nate! Nate has been a nurse for the last 12 years and mostly worked in nursing homes. He said he feels like this is where he can make the most impact and help those in need. He loves working at Woodcrest and said his favorite part about the facility is building the relationships with the residents and employees. “It’s all around a great place to work and flourish.” When you ask his fellow employees about Nate, they all overwhelmingly say how much of a team player he is and makes it such a joy to be around. He is always willing to step in when needed and we are so grateful to have such a dedicated nurse on our team!

A little about Nate outside of the facility, he is originally from Dayton, KY where he stayed until he graduated high school. He then went onto NKU and received a degree in journalism and eventually went to nursing school at Beckfield! Nate has a twenty-year-old and seventeen-year-old daughter! He is big into sports and while raising his daughters, coached them in softball, basketball, and his favorite cheerleading! They were 5x grand champions when he coached the team! Today you can find him playing basketball three times a week or enjoying a fishing trip with his family. We are so grateful for everything you do at Woodcrest. Be sure to say hi to Nate the next time you see him around!

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