Mother’s Day Resident Highlight

Resident Highlight, head shot of Joyce

To celebrate mother’s day we wanted to do a resident highlight on Joyce and her family. Joyce has been a resident at Woodcrest since January 2020 and has been such a joy to have in our building. Joyce’s loves getting to partake in our activities such as bingo and crafting with her daughter Beth, who is also a resident in our facility.

Joyce married her husband right after he graduated college and had three wonderful daughters. Joyce also has 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren (1 which is on the way!). She loves spending time with her big family. One of her daughters said while they were growing up Joyce loved to garden. Some of her favorite memories spent with her mom was helping her grow different kinds of vegetables during the summer and then getting to pick the vegetables they grew, clean them and canned them for the fall. Joyce also is big into crochet and knitting she would make blankets, clothes, hats etc. for her kids when they were growing up and continued to do so for her grandkids and great grandchildren.

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