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Woodcrest Staff Spotlight Valerie

Meet Valerie, One of our amazing CNA’s here at Woodcrest. Valerie has been an CNA for 17 years and has worked at Woodcrest the last 10 months. She is an awesome asset to our team, anytime a resident or coworker needs help with something she is eager to jump right in and get the task done! She is so welcoming to all our residents and constantly has a smile on her face that makes everyone feel safe. Her favorite part about working at Woodcrest are the residents she gets to help and the employees working as a team and making this environment feel like a true family setting.

Valerie’s spends her time away from work with her two sons who are ages 20 and 15. Currently her 15-year-old is learning to drive so they have been spending a lot of time together behind the wheel! Since her two kids are starting to become more independent, she says she also really loves spending time with her goddaughter and niece who love to get dressed up and go out and have girls’ nights! Something that Valerie loves to do for herself is traveling, Vegas is her favorite spot to go to!

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